A fanmade interactive novel based on the game Dead By Daylight.

There's something out there, in the deep expanse of the ever-changing fog and the realms beyond. There are answers to be had, secrets to uncover, and an ancient, dark truth to unearth and escape.

You take on the role of messiah — the champion, the hero, the last hope. Of course, your quest for answers won't be easy, but you don't have to walk that path alone. You make unlikely allies in the fog, and the way out of this hellscape becomes less and less of a faraway dream.

But even in this deathless realm, the clock is ticking. You and your fellow survivors are on borrowed time. Unravel the truth before you're consumed, Wanderer.

Features: Character Creation/Customization, Romance, Choices, and Multiple Endings.

This text game is intended for an adult audience and contains the following themes:  

  • Descriptive violence
  • Animal Abuse/Death
  • Adult language
  • Alcohol Use 
  • Drug Use 
  • Self-harm
  • Stalking
  • Manipulation
  • Trauma
  • Lovecraftian Horror 
  • Sexual content (Text only)

Reader discretion is advised.

This is a work of fanfiction using characters and lore created by and belonging to Behaviour Interactive. I claim no ownership over the characters or the world/setting they belong to. The events and narratives told within this story are purely non-canon and not compliant with canon lore. 

To make it very clear, this is fanfiction, and thus I depict the characters and certain aspects of the lore at my own discretion. This is a reimagining of canon events, characters, and the setting of Dead by Daylight. 

This game is free to play and intended for entertainment only.

For questions, issues, or concerns, email me at contactxiiha@gmail.com.

Updated 7 days ago
Published 13 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreInteractive Fiction, Role Playing
Made withTwine
TagsCharacter Customization, Dark, Fangame, Horror, Narrative, Psychological Horror, Romance, Story Rich, Twine
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsMouse, Touchscreen

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Got the "The shade really liked that" first try and im proud of myself

Can't wait for more!

You'll have his heart in no time <3 

Thank you! 

I'm sooo excited for this! Let's go!

Thank you! 

ngl tho, i haven't played DBD at all because horror is just a huge NO for me bUT i did watch several gameplays before! yes, just the gameplays so i basically know nothing about the lore. ofc i know there's the journal, but still i wanna research ykno akwnkskaks that aside, i'm so so soooo in love with this already! and the UI, it's so cool aoooo i'm really in love with it okay?

anyways, i'm looking forward to the future chapters~

Thank you! <3 

I love this story already and I can't wait for more! Will you be adding new campers and killers with chapter 2?

Thank you! <3 I'll be introducing additional characters in the coming chapters :> 

(1 edit)

OOO I am really intrigued on what's gonna happen next, even though I haven't played DBD, playing though this got me researching every characters lore haha, hope to see more chapters in the future!

I have a question though, could we know what characters will be romanceable? Or is that still a secret?

Thank you <3 Love interests have a meter below their name on their respective journal pages. It will display their affinity level throughout the game :>

A minute or so in and I'm very impressed with the UI and intrigued on what's going to happen in the story. I'm very excited to see more!! 

Thank you very much! <3 

it's probably not great that i've never played dbd, but the entire concept of this game is so cool! i love everything abt this so far, n the monsterfucker in me rlly, rlly wants to romance the shade. i'm excited to see more :)!

Thank you! <3 You don't need to have played DBD before to play this! I've filled the Journal with a boatload of exposition for anyone who's not familiar with the game and its lore :> 

I lowkey want to romance The Shade. I'm so excited to see more tho :)

*whispers* He's a love interest ;>

Thank you <3

That's amazing! As a dbd fan I thank you. Can't wait for more! 

Thank you very much <3 

What a cool original concept, now the waiting game begins for more :)

Thank you! 💖 

I really like this, hope to see more!

Thank you kindly <3